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Medina Chorus Member News & Information



Concert & Rehearsal Location

Medina Presbyterian Church
5020 Burgundy Bay Blvd
Medina, OH ( 2 miles west of I-71 on SR 18)

If you have to miss a rehearsal, please contact
Kurt Sauer 330.225.0049 or
Liz Blanch 216.570.2015

Remember your pencil, do NOT wear scented products, and be on time!
See rehearsal guidelines below.

Please consider volunteering for:

Program Advertisements
Donation Coordinator, Fundraising
Ticket Sales, Publicity
Program Design & Printing
50/50 Raffle


Winter Concert Dress:

MEN: Black slacks, white shirt, black suit coat or sport jacket, colorful tie, black shoes, black socks.

WOMEN: Floor-length black skirt or black DRESS slacks, black top, black shoes and stockings.

Spring Concert Dress:

MEN: Black slacks, short-sleeve white shirt, no jacket, colorful tie, black shoes, black socks.

WOMEN: Floor-length black skirt or black DRESS slacks, black top, black shoes and stockings.


Rehearsal Guidelines:

1. Attendance

Singing in the Medina Chorus is a commitment to the choral arts, to the director, and to the other ensemble members. Our goal is a professional quality performance. Acquiring musical skills by developing our technique, balance, and blend, is only possible through rehearsals with all voices present. Members should make a serious effort to attend every rehearsal.

If you must miss a rehearsal, please notify either Kurt Sauer 330.225.0049 or Liz Blanch 216.570.2015, since absences sometimes change rehearsal objectives. If you are under the weather, you might consider attending and sitting away from the members to listen, acquire information, and observe the illustration of techniques. It is the policy of the Medina Chorus to permit up to three (3) absences from rehearsals. Occasionally, prearranged exceptions are approved by the Director and the Board.

2. Rehearsal Time

Three simple words: be on time! Arriving late is distracting to the director and other choir members and causes you to miss the warm-up, which is an important part of rehearsal.

3. Scented Products

Please be aware that many people are sensitive or allergic to many scents. The deep breathing that accompanies singing worsens the effects of perfumes and other personal products.  Being in close proximity to others for the time spent in rehearsal or concert may cause sensitive individuals to develop coughs, shortness of breath or headaches. To avoid these outcomes, please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes or even scented moisturizers.  You quickly become immune to your own fragrances and cannot tell how strong they really are.

4. Pencils

Always bring a pencil with you to rehearsal to mark directions on your scores. Directions may change, so pencils are essential.

5. Talking During Rehearsal

Choirs are full of sociable people! The camaraderie in a choir is important. Feel free to make merry to your heart's content before and after rehearsal and during breaks. During rehearsal, chatter interferes and costs us time.

6.  Cell Phones

Please turn off your cell phones & other electronic devices.