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Come join the Medina Chorus

If you love to sing, like a variety of music and enjoy the experience of working together to create a thing of beauty that culminates in public choral performances, consider joining the Medina Chorus. We are Medina-based, but there is no residence requirement and members drive from all over (some carpool). There are no auditions. You will learn from a great director and your peers will assist and answer questions. We work on each piece of music in detail and closely examine difficult passages part by part.


Everyone is welcome at Board Meetings

We encourage all members to participate in some way. Join a committee, or just help out. It's a great way to make new friends, and keep this great chorus functioning.
Feel free to join us. Just listen or get involved!

Board Meetings

Second Monday of every month.
During the season: Before rehearsal, 6:15 in the church lobby



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